Smells Like Zine Spirit

Posted on 3 September 2012
By The Editors
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Andy Johnson and Amber Tan created Über zine as a rebellion against their day-to-day jobs as national journalists and to fulfil their childhood dreams of creating their own themed cut-and-paste zine.

In the beginning…
Aged 10, Amber created an early Facebook paper prototype: the Amber Tan Fun Club and created bookmarks and multi-coloured friendship bracelets and a 10-page handmade zine with illustrations of her hobbies (stamp collecting, ballet, reading and Bill Murray videos). She sold them to her school-friends for 50 pence each.

Über is a cut and paste zine in the 90s style and has featured interviews with Mark Ronson, Is Tropical, The RZA, Quentin Tarantino, Howard Marks and Craig Charles amongst others.

The zine has introduced the story of lost Superhero Digital Jesus and his struggle to discover his identity.

The zine also explores cultural themes and economic theory and their effect on movements in popular culture including the recent 18-year cycle business and culture theory – featured in the 1993 Future Throwback Issue.

Fans of uber zine:
Mark Ronson
We Are Augustines
David Porter, neurosurgeon
Amy Kabba A.M.E.
Delta Maid
Black Lips
Howard Marks
Is Tropical
Lucky Beaches
Miles Kane
Teal Triggs
Barry Hyde, Futureheads

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#2 The DIY celebration issue
#3 The Money Issue
#4 Christmas and New York
#5 Über Rare Imprint
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