Sleigh Bells on new album and working with M.I.A

Posted on 6 July 2010
By Norman Parker
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Sleigh Bells duo Derek E. Miller and Allison Krauss have talked about new album and the joy they felt working with M.I.A.

The Brooklyn duo are on the cusp of releasing new album Treats and Miller describes their sound in these terms: “I think our stuff is heavier in some ways, there is more room for low-end and just as much distortion.”

The pair are generating great exciting in many corners for their exuberant, often wild live performances and Krauss says:

“Priority wise, we always say we start at the feet and end at the head, so an intellectual approach to music isn’t something we are interested in. That being said, there is something in the music that resonates beyond fleeting escapism, for me anyway.

“Above all I hope people feel confident and psyched about themselves when they hear the music”

Controversial rapper M.I.A seen enough in the band to sign them to her label N.E.E.T. but also flew Miller out to contribute to her new album.

Miller was left in awe of the Paper Planes singer saying: “I worked on her record before I made ours which gave me a lot of confidence and inspiration. Her process is amazing, really quick and spontaneous. So much energy and weirdness from such a tiny person. ”