Simple ways to enjoy Spotify on mobile without using the premium version

Posted on 13 February 2022
By Carlton Whitfield
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Spotify digital streaming apps ranks among the top best entertainment platforms globally. The app accommodates all user’s requirements and provides quality at its best.

The streaming app is non-discriminatory and provides chances to all users globally.

It is compatible with all operating systems giving the user chance to enjoy it regardless of the device. For globally recognitions on Spotify app artists/users can invest in the genuine Spotistar site to popularize their account and attract the right audience.

Spotify provides two valid versions based on users’ choices for better access. The free and premium versions each containing unique features for user satisfaction. The free version allows Spotify users to stream free music at 160Kbps.

However, the version has numerous ads and doesn’t provide the shuffle play option. This means the user can only stick to the app’s music selection. However, are several tech solutions to help turn off the shuffle play though risky for your device.

To avail ad-free music, one needs to upgrade to a premium Spotify version to gain more unique features. The user can enjoy various music benefits like 320Kbps ad-free content at a particular price. The charges are affordable for some audiences.

The common factor about the free and premium Spotify version is that all user/artist needs to maintain their followers, plays, and listener numbers to thrive. Free and premium account users must provide exclusive content to attract audiences.

The process is tricky and sometimes calls for magical technics. Spotify users can purchase followers, plays, listeners, and viewers to boost their accounts.

The challenging part is finding genuine sites to buy a real audience. However, Spotify users can settle for Spotistar to avail all Spotify deals.

Free version users can stream and enjoy the Spotify app on their mobile phones without upgrading to the premium version.

How to enjoy Spotify without a premium account on mobile

1. Installing Spotify music on your mobile device
• The Spotify app works with all operating systems and mobile versions. First, download the Spotify music app on your device to proceed.
• Sign in using your login credentials (email sign in or Facebook sign in)

2. Get Spotify music offline without a premium subscription
The subscription option is okay though some users cannot afford it. To access multiple benefits or equal music benefits like the premium subscriber. The user must implement third-party Spotify music converters. In this case, we use a TuneFab converter.

• First, download the TuneFab Spotify music converter on your mobile or computer device.
• Your Spotify app should also be installed on the same device to all the TuneFab convert to detect the application.
• Next, drag and drop music from your Spotify app to the converter. Click the “Add files” option or copy-paste the song/playlist links.

• Once you drag the songs or playlist to the TuneFab converter, the system will display the songs on the page. Recheck the songs to ensure they are what you selected.

• To download music in Spotify music they must select an output format such as MP3, WAV, M4A, etc.
• Go to the options and click the “advanced” tab to set the format. In our case, we select the MP3 output since it’s utilized in many MP3 players.

• To locate your MP3 files, you can create an output folder by clicking the “general” tab and following the page’s instructions.

• Next, click the green button indicated “convert” on the page.

• The system will start converting the Spotify-selected songs to MP3. The system will convert the songs one by one. This might take longer based on your playlist.

• Now you can easily listen to your favourite songs without paying a dime.

• Note the user has the privilege to use their preferred Spotify music converters for better service.