Silvia Prada publishes The New Modern Hair: A Styling Chart – an homage to the barbershop

Posted on 18 August 2012
By Kim Ann Foxman
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Silvia Prada publishes The New Modern Hair: A Styling Chart – an homage to the barbershop.

The New Modern Hair: A Styling Chart features a series of stylized portraits highlighting male hairstyles juxtaposed with geometric drawings. The book pays homage to the barbershop and is an artistic representation of the subtle nuances and cues that help define the male persona, identity and representation within the parameters of visual and popular culture.

Through this series of work, Prada is capturing the typecasting and idealized character building that has become ingrained in our minds through media, pop culture and iconography.

This book is an ideological celebration of art, hair, clean faces and geometry.

And makes a welcome addition to the new era of romanticism and self-identification.

The portraits – with titles ranging from The Flat Top to The Sportsman and also to Executive Contour – feature commentary and meticulous instructions on how to obtain each look in order to resemble a member of the subculture or lifestyle pictured.

The geometric drawings, all loony remixes of 20th-century art movements such as Bauhaus, De Stijl and Russian Constructivism, highlight the emphasis on the shape for each hairstyle and command a manifesto for the references that each portrait points to.

This book is a continuation of the artist’s fascination with the production of identity, human aesthetics and the ability to objectify all things POP.

College Contour (2012)
A style suited for a mischievous boy who has blossomed into a determined man.
Just the right amount of side-swept playfulness for a sophisticated leading man.
Light pomade should do the trick. He smells like Old Spice.

Professional Contour (2012)
The Professional Contour works best at nightand into the following day:
Using a couple drops of thick pomade and a tortoise comb,
completely smooth down hair in the evening, and hair will blossom to full body the next day.

Geometry (2012)
Wash and Wear (2012)
Owns up to his roots. Thrives on sex appeal. This hair is simply part of the package .
Like his grooming products, he’s an all-in-one type of guy.
A couple of drops of essential oils give the locks a lasting, subtle sheen.
Easygoing, relaxed, deep and lustful.
Cut square to lengthen the FACE. Use high-shine oil to polish each curl.
The hair should have maximum freedom. For the man on the go.

The Flat Front (2012)
Perfect for bad boys, heartbreakers and hairspray lovers. A severely meticulous cut designed to penetrate even the toughest of souls.

Genuine Wave Trim (2012)
This shape is much more suitable for a younger disposition because it completely exposes the face.
You must also have wavy hair. Notice the amount of thick, youthful wave in his hair.
If you have the same amount of hair, but it is fine,
you could also create this look with a light body wave perm.
To achieve this look, use a pomade or gel to keep the hair off the face and add shine.


About the artist:
Silvia Prada, born in Ponferrada, Spain, lives and works in New York. Her work as an illustrator and decorative artist is a monochromatic and geometric documentation of pop culture, capturing at times a fetishistic representation of select defining moments and iconography. Prada stepped into the illustration and art scene in 2000 by producing works for the now-folded The Face magazine, and has since received assignments from magazine clients including V, BlackBook, Dazed & Confused, Fanzine137, Candy and EY! Magateen. Her works, which include large-scale illustration as well as poster installations have been exhibited in galleries and cultural institutions worldwide such as Colette, MOCA Shanghai, MUSAC and Deitch Projects.

Available in September at select retailers and bookstores worldwide, Opening Ceremony and (MALIN+GOETZ) stores. Available now online at cultureEDIT (

The New Modern Hair: A Styling Chart
Book Release: September 2012
Available now at cultureEDIT
ISBN: 978-0-615-66610-5
US $50.00 / € 45.00
Softcover, 10.6”x7.9” 27×20 cm / 28 pages / black and white
Edition of 500, numbered
Foldout poster
US $130 / € 115
Edition of 150, numbered
Poster size: 33.7” x 25.2”, 86 x 64 cm