Sex Pistol’s legend John Lydon wishes U2 never existed

Posted on 14 July 2010
By Norman Parker
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John Lydon says U2 are a band that should never have existed and is surprised that his own band Public Image Limited have not received more festival requests.

The Punk star said: “We haven’t had any offers. They have been quite negative, which has astounded us because PIL is the perfect festival band. You don’t want U2- that’s a band that should never have existed, there’s no life experience in any of their songs.”

The Sex Pistols legend also revealed he spurned the chance to play with Gorillaz as part of their all-star Glastonbury slot.

The 54 year old said, “They gave me a bell but the answer was ‘no’. I really don’t want to be dabbling in other people’s gene pools.”

“I’ve worked the many so-called famous people but it’s never been for any deliberate financial motivation. If I did it wouldn’t be a business phone call followed by a management agreement and then for an album manufactured and marketed as to what the current popular trends were.”

Instead John’s is keen to make new music with his band Public Image Limited (PIL) who kick off a six-date UK tour next week.

Public Image Limited are playing a string of 02 Academy dates around the UK in London, Bristol, Liverpool, Oxford, Leeds and Glasgow.

Check out the official website for tour details: