Salt Dog Slim’s Liverpool – open for Steins and Brines

Posted on 13 May 2012
By Camilla McNatty
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Salt Dog Slim’s is the newest offering from the bar craft geniuses behind Santa Chupitos and El Bandito, and Purple Revolver were on hand as they opened their doors for the first time.

Sitting proud at the top of Seel Street, opposite the not so welcoming Blue Angel, Salt Dog Slim’s doesn’t disappoint the huge numbers of revellers who crowded both the smaller bar on the ground bar and the secret 81 LTD, which operates on guest list only upstairs.

Salt Dog Slim’s heralds itself as an ’emporium of world beers, bespoke cocktails and American style chilli dogs’ and lived up to all claims majestically on its opening night.

The place was packed with a huge crowd of punters desperate to get their hands on one of the many beers on sale, with a large proportion trying to drunkenly eat an authentic chilli dog at the same time.

Simplistic decor leaves the drinks to hold their own; with a huge selection of beers visible behind the bar were in the majority of hands, most understandably, a German pilsner served in a huge tankard bigger than your head.

The bar service was quick and friendly, it’s a shame that the space is so small that the chance of getting a seat was zero-none. Thankfully, this did nothing to damage the ambience and feel good atmosphere.

Upstairs houses a ‘secret’ bar called 81 LTD which proves to be the real gem in this new enterprise. Guests were invited to ‘find the door’ located at the top of the back stairs.

A select guest list were earlier sent a code which was to be entered into an keypad outside, but what was behind the door was a complete mystery.

After a short walk down a mirrored corridor, perhaps best seen sober to avoid complete confusion, lay a prison style metal door, complete with peep hole and it was clear we were experiencing something very different from your regular city centre haunt…

Inside was a lengthy bar, and the vast list of cocktails reflected the large selection of beers on offer and was catalogued in an intriguing menu.

There were as series of comfy booths and an enticing spot behind metal bars and chains.

Reflective of first night fervour, the wait at the bar was almost 25 minutes at one point, but thankfully – we were not to be disappointed with our choice and the drinks were made with artistic flair and confidence.

We sampled both a ‘Lucky Strike’ with a base of Vodka and cucumber and a ‘Ruby Revolver,’ (perhaps a kindred spirit in gin form) – both tasted unusual and most importantly, strong and well considered.

The atmosphere upstairs was heaving with happy drinkers, clearly enjoying the secretive, exclusive feel of 81 LTD which played classics ‘You be illin’, by Run DMC and Fatback Bands, ‘I found lovin,’ much to the delight of the growing throng.

Salt Dog Slims is more than worth a visit and if the opening night is anything to go by, will become a firm favourite within the city for a long time to come.

Salt Dog Slims
79-83 Seel Street

Phone: 0151 709 7172

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun: 5pm-2am