Ron Artest officially changes name, meet Metta World Peace

Posted on 16 September 2011
By Matt Barden
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It’s not just Mos Def who has felt the need to mix things up with a quick identity change.

The LA Lakers forward legally changed his name to Metta (first name) World Peace (last name). Artest had wanted to change his name earlier but the courts held up the documentation due to several unpaid parking tickets.

His publicist released this statement;

Ron Artest, (World Peace) has contemplated the name change for years and always knew that he wanted his last name to be World Peace, but it took many years of research and soul searching to find a first name that was both personally meaningful and inspirational.”

NBA fans will no doubt chuckle at the irony of the last name of a player who was once docked $5 million in wages and suspended for a season, after his part in a mass brawl between the Indiana Pacers, the Detroit Pistons and members of the crowd.

World Peace will wear the number 70 jersey for LA when the current NBA lockout finishes.