Rising Star: Daughter

Posted on 12 January 2012
By Samantha Maine
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Since releasing her debut E.P. ‘The Wild Youth’ in November of last year, Elena Tonra has created a critics haven with her blend of delicate, acoustic indie folk.

Hailing from North London, Elena started experimenting with music from a tender young age. Obsessed with her parent’s vinyl collection and constantly scribbling down poetic verse, it wasn’t long until Daughter was born.

The E.P. showcases four songs of exceptional beauty and intricate, tuneful picking that sets Daughter apart from many of her female counterparts.

The first song ‘Home’ is so simple in its delivery that its impact is almost surprising. Drawing comparisons to the XX thanks to its low key electronic production, Elena’s vocals are so utterly stunning that you can’t help but believe her every word.

The second track ‘Medicine’ is heart shattering, with an understated piano accompaniment to Elena’s exquisite story telling abilities. Commenting on the disintegration of unwell loved ones, this could be straight out of an art house death scene – achingly beautiful.

‘Youth’ is the next song, and Elena’s vocals once again triumph. The production quality on this one is fantastic, as its rhythmic structure brings the lyrics to life. Although not an ‘upbeat’ number, this could be described as the liveliest of the tracks on the E.P.

The E.P. finishes off with ‘Love,’ the most affecting and poignant of all four songs. Describing her agony of a past lover, this song is so achingly honest that it’s as if Elena has laid all of her cards on the table – naked, for everyone to see.

The crescendo created by co-members Igor Haefeli and Remi Aguilella mimics the eruption of emotion and proves just why Daughter is so special.

On December 6th, Elena Tonra played an in store set at Rise records in Bristol, as part of her mini Christmas tour. Sporting a cute bowl haircut and shuffling her brogue’d feet; this girl clearly doesn’t know just how good she is.

Shy and retiring, Elena’s modest awkwardness only added to the simplicity of her raw talent. Playing a few songs including ‘Run’ and ‘Youth,’ her haunting vocal aided only by her acoustic guitar portrayed a true capability and presence.

Whilst Daughter may, at the moment, be out shadowed by the likes of Laura Marling and Florence Welch, 2012 is set to give her the attention she deserves.

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Photo by Stacey Hatfield