Rich Spalding coming to Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2024

Posted on 2 June 2024
By Khyle Medany
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Comedian Rich Spalding is bringing his hotly anticipated debut hour Gather Your Skeletons to Edinburgh Fringe 2024.

When he was a kid, Rich had a theory on what happens after we die. Then he spent a decade sitting in an office, writing e-mails and ruining his spine, and forgot all about it.

Now, though, it’s on his mind again. The background characters in the film Groundhog Day are having the exact same experience as Bill Murray; they’re waking up on the same day and repeating it over and over. The only difference is they don’t know it.

What makes a good day? And what makes a good life? And what happens when they’re both over? What then?

Gather Your Skeletons is a stand-up comedy show about fear and boredom, legacy and regret, and, essentially, the universal experience of working for a living and dying sometime after.

Beat the Frog Panel Prize Winner Rich said, “I had this thought, decades ago, and it’s stuck in my head ever since. In quite a small and quiet way, it’s changed how I think about my life. This is my chance to tell you about it. Maybe it’ll change the way you think about yours. At the very least, it might change the way you spend tomorrow.

“We’re all alive and we’re all going to die. Let’s have a laugh with it, shall we?”

Richard Spalding: Gather Your Skeletons plays throughout August at Edinburgh’s Pleasance Courtyard – Cellar. Advance tickets (£7-12) are available to book here.

“Razor-sharp, understated brilliance” – Tom Ward

“My favourite comedian” – Eshaan Akbar

“an assured, club-ready confidence that already feels like a safe pair of hands” – Steve Bennett, Chortle


Rich Spalding is a London-based, Birmingham-born stand-up comedian who has lived in Doncaster and been to France.

He moved to London in 2016 in order to watch more comedy, and accidentally started performing it. He’s been a regular on the circuit for 7 years and now opens weekend shows at Frog and Bucket, Up the Creek and The Glee Club.

Gather Your Skeletons is Rich Spalding’s debut hour. He is known for his self-aware, story-based stand-up comedy about the big topics – life, death, sex, masculinity – and also some smaller stuff like quiz shows and hand cream.

Rich won the Beat The Frog Panel Prize in 2022 and was runner-up in Get Up, Stand Up 2018. He was twice shortlisted for the Pleasance Reserve, in 2020 and 2023. In 2023 he was tour support for Eshaan Akbar and opened for Nish Kumar.

Rich also hosts the podcast Our Dads Died, alongside BBC journalist Tom Gerken. It’s a funny exploration of grief, death and dads. As well as interviewing comedians (Eshaan Akbar, Michelle Brasier, Carl Donnelly) about their losses, they also speak to people who make their living through death. From an American mortician to a paranormal investigator, the interviews produce funny, enlightening conversations that reframe the way we think about life and what happens after.

Listing Information
Title: Rich Spalding: Gather Your Skeletons
Venue: Pleasance Courtyard (Cellar)
Ed Fringe link:
Venue link:
Fringe Venue Number: 33
Dates: July 31 – Aug 26 (Not 19)