Review of WWE Live at the Liverpool Echo Arena

Posted on 9 November 2015
By Khyle Deen
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The largest sports entertainment/wrestling company in the world, WWE took over a packed out Liverpool Echo Arena last night as part their WWE Live European Tour.

It was an inspiring and exciting night for all who braved torrential rain for a glimpse of the wrestling superstars.

Loyal fans and some first time watchers piled in to enjoy 2 and a half hours of high flying, hard hitting, adrenaline rushing action as the WWE Superstars and Divas did what they do over 300 nights of the year, put on a very entertaining show.

The show began at 5pm, Lilian Garcia looked beautiful as ever as she made her way to the squared circle for announcing duties, it’s always a treat to see and hear the veteran do what she does best.

Lilian announced that the Main Event of the evening would see top star of the night, Roman Reigns take on his toughest rival of the year, Bray Wyatt in a No Holds Barred match!

Setting the tone for the show though, was the first bout that saw high flying (and Newcastle born) Neville take on his own rival, comic book villain-like Stardust.

Brilliant work by both superstars here, they have strong chemistry together as shown in their previous bouts and it was more of the same, a quicker bout here to open the show and warm the crowd up.

Up next was a the textbook definition of a squash match (lasting under a minute) as Damien Sandow took on Heath Slater, it was cool to see them, they’re talented guys, it’d be nicer if they got more of a chance to show what they can do properly, nevertheless, Sandow rolled up Slater for the quick victory.

Following that match, we were back for another great effort by Ryback and The Usos as they teamed up to take on The Wyatt Family (without leader Bray Wyatt) Ryback was very over with the crowd, “Feed Me More” chants echoed throughout the arena! Braun Strowman of the Wyatts locked in his lifting arm triangle choke, which saw an Uso brother pass out therefore awarding the win to the Wyatts.

Triple Threat Tag Team action, it was The Ascension vs the Lucha Dragons vs Los Matadores. Great match that packed some great athleticism into a short amount of time, Kalisto of the Lucha Dragons hit the Salida del Sol on a member of the Ascension for the win.

After that match was another quick hard hitter as England born King Barrett took on Fandango, this one could have been a little bit longer, Fandango actually deserves a little bit more than this, he’s a decent talent, Barrett made fairly quick work hitting him with a Royal Bullhammer for the victory.

A quick break was taken, following that, was the WWE Divas, always great to see them compete, Naomi & Sasha Banks of Team BAD (Beautiful and Dangerous) took on Natalya and the NXT Women’s Champion Bayley, WWE fans will know what Sasha & Bayley are capable of.

They played to the crowd, playfully mocking each other, they had a small amount of interaction, which is to be expected for a non televised event. This was around 10 minutes long and ended when Natalya locked in the Sharpshooter on Naomi for the win.

It was a real treat seeing Bayley live as she doesn’t work with the main roster on WWE TV, her theme and her entrance are definitely something fun to witness live.

Next up was the penultimate match, a WWE United States Championship match, Alberto Del Rio defending against Jack Swagger. ADR working great as a heel, ripping on the city of Liverpool and Liverpool Football Club.

Jack Swagger was quite popular, he looked real good as the good guy in the match, he tapped out to ADR’s Cross Armbreaker though, not a bad match at all, it got the crowd going and ready for the main event!

It was the time everybody had been waiting for, Wyatt vs Reigns in a No Holds Barred match. Bray Wyatt entered first as the the Fireflies were out, plenty of people holding up their phone camera flashes together as the lights dimmed for epic emphasis. Certainly a brilliant experience!

Everyone looked around to see where Roman Reigns would enter, we were sat near his entrance way which was quite great. The crowd erupted, it’s clear to see that WWE have something special in Roman Reigns. It’s safe to say he’s not far away from reaching the top of the mountain and becoming WWE World Heavyweight Champion!

The match was definitely match of the night, tables were broken, chairs and kendo sticks were used, the steel steps were brought into play. Wyatt & Reigns have brilliant chemistry, it was a brilliant match to end the night on what was already a great high.

The WWE is something that has to be seen to be believed, whether you’re a fan or a new viewer, you’re sure to be entertained greatly by the Superstars and Divas of the WWE.

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