Review: Liverpool Tattoo Convention

Posted on 9 May 2016
By Stacey Dutton
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Well what a weekend it has been for Liverpool’s 9th installment of the Liverpool Tattoo Convention with over 250 UK and International artists. The Britannia Adelphi Hotel staged a tremendous collaboration of artistry, incredible bands, and a huge amount of like-minded, tattoo loving individuals.

The artists and traders enjoyed the 3 day stint by showcasing their talents and socialising amongst the other creatives set up for the weekend of back to back tattooing.

On offer for all attendees, obviously aside from the tattoo booths was everything fromburlesque shows, sword swallowing, a beautifully crafted fire show by London basedgroup Fuel Girls and much more!

There was some serious talent on show with the artists battling through the heat soaring temperatures in the maxed out space available.

We caught up with Anthony Bates, of Minerva Lodge Tattoo Club, Chester, to witnessthe time and preparation needed for such an event and he was zoned out creatingsome incredible work for his customers both days.

Anthony, who does regular guest spots around the country, with more in the pipeline,created a norse mythology leg piece and a Apollo 11 Launch arm piece at the weekendwhich saw both customers seeming more than happy with their results.

He said: “The convention this year has been really high standard, for what free time I had to look around, there was so much awesome work to see.”

Also to hand were some mesmeric bands including Matchstick Men, who took to both the unplugged and bar stages and impressed onlookers and gained a fantastic response.

What was particularly interesting to see was the set differences following a very mellow, acoustic session, to a heavy, powerful rock electric set at the Bar Stage.

The band were there to promote their latest album to be released on 9th September,and performed their new single “Numb”

They were also pleased to confirm the single will be a giveaway CD in Fireworks Magazine’s upcoming issue, seen as a huge opportunity for the band.

Vocalist Lewis Wright said: “The convention has been so much better organised this year, a lot better too since the last one we did in Liverpool two years ago thanks to the new owners…….. And the crowd was amazing too.”

Sarah Beatrice, Liverpool’s one and only

“The girl with the strawberry hair” also graced the unplugged stage with such an angelic, breathtaking performance, which made many convention goers stop in there tracks to listen to her.

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