Rekorderlig Swedish School how it all began

Posted on 4 October 2012
By Carlton Whitfield
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Rekorderlig Cider is a must try, a beautifully Swedish drink from the heart of Scandinavia – especially the Strawberry & Lime.

For those not in the know Rekorderlig is used to refer to someone who they are dependable, decent and clever in Swedish.

Every wondered what it would be like to be effortlessly beautiful and cool. No problem: the cider’s new video series takes you inside a school helping people become more ‘Swedish’.

Set in a lush woodland paradise, the aidback school is where students go to be achieve their dreams of becoming Swedish under the close tutelage of gorgeous models.

Sounds divine, where do we sign? When students get to grips with the natural benefits of being Swedish – one dreamy teacher says the result is like ‘releasing reindeer all over the world.’

Purple Revolver will be joining the school as it develops in the hope of becoming more beautiful. Or just good at chopping wood in an anorak.

Watch the video below and join the Swedish School…