Rebecca Black releases ‘worst song ever’ Friday

Posted on 21 March 2011
By Matt Barden
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In an age where poor music continually tops the charts, it takes a lot for a song to be declared ‘the worst song ever.’

On first view of 13-year-old Rebecca Black’s Pop video, Friday, it would be easy to assume that you’re part of an ongoing joke, a parody of Bieber and Usher perhaps? Satirically commenting on the state of modern music, the lifeless and simple lyrics and the nature of a YouTube pop star?

But the punch line is yet to arrive.

At the time of writing the video has had more than 30 million views and record label Ark Music Factory, who produced the track, are promoting the wannabe star as a future number one artist. The single has already reached number 25 on the iTunes download chart.

The song focuses mainly on the order of the days of the week and which car seat to choose when getting a lift and is so heavily auto-tuned, nothing remains of the girl’s real voice at all.

If the video is to be believed, the Nazis won the war and this is what the offspring of Dr Joseph Goebbels have achieved with the wonderful propaganda machine Das You Tube.

What is happening with the lads and their come jump in my ride signals, surely they’re going to some kind of Hitler Youth rally.

What is the world coming to?.. please end it now.

Comments and discussions have lit up the web, with Charlie Sheen himself wading in adding, ‘we don’t hate her because she’s famous… she’s famous because we hate her.’

Click the video to witness the car crash, which is modern music. If you are strong enough do not click it, go root through some old LP’s or Spotify Howlin’ Wolf, or the Stones or whoever instead. If you can’t resist at least let it be a timely reminder of which way the music industry is heading.

Fingers crossed we’ll wake up tomorrow and this will all have been a bad joke, fingers crossed…