Quentin Tarantino needed a Martini to meet Echo and the Bunnymen

Posted on 6 November 2009
By Andy Johnson
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Hollywood icon Quentin Tarantino was starstruck when he met Liverpool music legends Echo and the Bunnymen and had to sup some Dutch courage before he could chat to them.

The Inglourious Basterds writer-director was devastated that he couldn’t see the The Killing Moon singers’ concert in L.A. so he appeared on US chat King Jimmy Kimmel’s show just to see them perform a three song set.

But Kill Bill superstar Quentin told green room staff on the glitzy show that he ‘needed a Martini’ before he could meet his musical heroes Ian McCulloch and Will Sergeant in the flesh.

Echo and the Bunnymen played Think I Need It Too on the US chat show to promote new album The Fountain and their US tour and Quentin came out as a surprise guest with Katherine Keener.

Ian Mac said: “It was great to meet Quentin, he’s as much fun in real life as he is when you see him on TV.

“He was a bit nervous, which we didn’t expect, because he said he was a big fan.

“We talked a little about music and Quentin said it was a buzz to see us play.

“I told him to stick us in one of his movies.”

On his trip to Liverpool event specialists Purple Revolver took Quentin on a whistle stop tour of music spots like The Cavern, but the Pulp Fiction star declared: ‘You don’t need the Beatles here… you’ve got Echo and the Bunnymen, alright.’