Potential Banksy to go under the hammer with Primrose Hill pub

Posted on 27 September 2010
By Oliver Logan
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The Princess of Wales in Primrose Hill has been the subject of some debate in the art world recently and now it is set to be sold at auction.

In June the beer garden of the pub acquired a mural by an unknown graffiti artist rumoured to be the infamous, yet enigmatic Banksy.

The mural depicts a young girl holding a heart shaped balloon reaching out to a lion with the words “Run For Your Lives!”. The artwork is undoubtedly in the style of the Bristol born artist but has yet to be confirmed whether this is an original.

Experts are divided on their opinion of the identity of the creator, who was caught on the pubs CCTV camera.

Some of Banksy’s artwork has been known to have sold for seven figure sums and he boasts many “A” list clients. Confirmation that this mural is an original would undoubtedly send the value of the property rocketing.

The pub is to be offered at Allsop’s, the UK’s leading property auctioneers Commercial sale on the 19th October at the Park Lane Hotel in London. The vendor, Enterprise Inns has instructed Allsop to sell the property on their behalf as part of their ongoing sale and leaseback programme.

The sale will not affect the current occupiers who are keen to preserve the mural, which has been drawing in the crowds.

Duncan Moir. Auctioneer at Allsop said: “Having been a property auctioneer for many years it is something of a novelty to offer a work of art as well as a building. While the attribution of this particular piece is uncertain it undoubtedly enhances what is already an attractive investment.”