Pokemon X and Y brought to Mcdonald’s Happy Meals

Posted on 30 April 2014
By Ashleigh Panther
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Pokemon X and Y are brought to North American McDonald’s Happy Meals.

Coming after the Skylanders promotion set up with Activision, Mcdonalds have made a deal with Nintendo to offer Pokemon collectables.

Fans will be able to collect 12 figures from the games X and Y as well as a collectable trading cards which are sure to spark nostalgia for many after years spent trading Pokemon cards on the school yard.

Fans can also interact with the figures using the mobile device app, McPlay Power, they can scan some of the figures on offer including Pikachu, Venusaur, Servine, Pignite, Xerneas and Charizard in order to unlock mini games.

The only thing that fans seem to be disappointed with, is that the Poke Balls are not true to the game, and instead of being based on true colours from the game, will be in a colour scheme to match the Pokemon inside.

This can be over looked since the cards are official TCG cards.

Even though Pokemon X and Y was released last October, there is no mistaking that the entire franchise is still extremely popular and these toys will do well for both children and those who are willing to give up a slightly larger meal in order to have more Pokemon memorabilia for their collection.

It has not been confirmed as to whether this will be available out of North America just yet, but for Nintendo fans living in the UK, you can head to your local McDonalds now to pick up a Happy Meal where you can collect eight different toys including Mario’s Hovering Coin, a Super Sound Mushroom and Mario’s Warp Pipe Embosser.

If you are lucky enough to be living in North America, you have until the 12th of June to get your hands on one of these figures.