Poetry Review: Black Book by Ian D. Hall

Posted on 6 May 2016
By Chris High
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Liverpool emigree Ian D. Hall – critic, arts enthusiast and all round commentator on everything Liverpool – has branched out yet still further with publication of his first anthology of poems, compiled from his last thirty years of writing.

The title of the volume comes from the iconic opening lines of Pink Floyd’s Nobody Home and to say that this is where comparisons with the lyricism of many of British music’s finest talents end, would be a mistake.

What Hall has encapsulated in the 30 strong collection extends far beyond the personal and – as with The Serpent’s Dance for Eve – resonates viscerally with the reader on a number of levels, all of which are relatable and thought provoking.

What truly stands out, however, is the emotion that has been lovingly poured into each and every word, sentence and stanza so that what remains is not only Ian D. Hall’s clear love of all things poetic but also for that of the written word itself.

A joyous, uplifting and thought provoking collection that fully deserves any amount of praise that comes its way.

Ian D. Hall
Black Book
Publisher: Purple Penguin Publishing
ISBN: 9781530539062
Price: £7.99
PR Rating: **** Stylish & Crafted

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