Podcast charts UK Shxts N Gigs hit the top 3 with Icks

Posted on 4 February 2022
By Emma Carter
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We urge you to listen to the Shxts N Gigs podcast which is bound to have you in hysterics and has won massive new audience ratings, due to a new feature exploring the cringeworthy world of ‘icks.’

The phrase ‘ick’ became popularised on social media last year. It refers to a small thing someone does that’s an instant turn-off, making you cringe at the idea of being romantic.

Launched in 2019, Shxts N Gigs is now sitting pretty at number 3 on Spotify’s podcast chart.

The pair of best friends from Northampton, James and Fuhad, give their unfiltered views on anything that comes to mind.

Conversation topics range from current celeb gossip, TV shows and the aforementioned ‘icks’ which has seen their views across all platforms skyrocket, with tens of thousands on YouTube and a millions on Tik Tok.

It could be anything from someone chewing loudly to over-using a joke. The hosts react to examples they get about men and roast themselves in the process.

Fans aren’t afraid to get painfully specific and it can be brutal.

Here are some of the best ‘icks’ featured on the podcast:

“If he raises his hand to call the waiter and nobody acknowledges him.”

“When he runs up the stairs and uses his hands to climb faster.”

I think we can all agree this one is a struggle: “when he’s in a two-door car and has to get out from the back.”

“When he drops something and has to do a little run after it.”

“When he’s swimming, and his trunks get inflated by the water.” – that one shows just how peculiar they can be.

James and Fuhad are always left in tears from how hilarious some of these ‘icks’ are.

In the latest episode of the weekly podcast, as well as their famous segment, they discussed Dwayne Johnson’s new tequila and new season of Netflix show Too Hot To Handle.

The hosts are very charismatic and always putting a comedic twist on things making for a great listen.

You can watch their latest episode in the video portal above.

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