PlayStation 4 sees delayed release in Japan

Posted on 9 September 2013
By Paige Gardiner
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Sony’s next game console, PlayStation 4, won’t go on sale in Japan until next year, meaning that it won’t be on time for the key festive holiday period or New Year’s shopping season.

Sony Corp.’s chief in Asia, Hiroshi Kawano, revealed this week at an event in Tokyo that the PlayStation won’t go on sale until February 22nd 2014 in Japan.

However, the console hits shelves in the US on November 15th and in Europe two weeks later.

Despite Japan’s reputation for bagging the latest gadgets ahead of the rest of the world, the Japanese will be left waiting for the latest from one of their own.

It is thought that the Japanese sale date was held off until next year as a result of its game developers requiring more time to create games for the PlayStation 4.

Andrew House, president of Sony Computer Entertainment, said: “We wanted to make sure that there was a game experience that resonated with the Japanese consumer.”

He also added that demand is strong for the new console with over a million pre-orders,leaving no doubt that many fans will replace or sell their old Playstations to make way for the new console, but the PlayStation 4 will now miss the crucial festive period in Japan as a result of the delayed release.

Similarly, Microsoft are planning a delayed release for its new console in Japan, taking some of the pressure off Sony.

With Japan being one of the tougher markets for Microsoft to break with the Xbox, Sony will be confident about having a successful release in its domestic market too.

Sony is now selling its new PS Vita to Japan before other nations. The small device attaches to a TV set to enjoy music, TV shows, movies and karaoke.

The PS Vita goes on sale from 10th October in Japan and is expected to retail around £120, with the PlayStation 4 costing £349.