Pharrell Williams teams up with UN for International Day of Happiness

Posted on 20 March 2014
By Ashleigh Panther
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Today we celebrate International Day of Happiness and who better than to promote feel good vibes than singer Pharrell of hit single ‘Happy’?

The song became a hit because of it’s catchy melodies, positive lyrics and the ability to get people clapping and moving.

The UN created International Day of Happiness in order to raise awareness about creating a happy world, to recognise that the world needs a more stable and balanced approach to economic growth in order to allow all countries to grow together.

This year, Blurred Lines singer Pharrell Williams have teamed up with the UN in order to push people to raise money to fund the UN’s humanitarian work. The singer will be using his chart topper to spread the joy and hopefully inspire those who visit his website to donate some cash to the cause.

Pharrell’s website invites people all around the world to record themselves dancing, or otherwise showing how happy they are and to submit it to the website. So far there are videos from six different time zones, with more to be unlocked during the day.

So far, there have been videos uploaded from countries such as New Zealand, Australia, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Korea.

As well as being able to watch all of the videos and remember that there IS some good in the world, there is also an option to donate to the Central Emergency Response Fund.

There is also a website dedicated to the day itself that allows visitors to take a poll, whether they think a life of happiness is more important than a life of great wealth.

87% of people chose happiness, which is sure to restore some faith in humanity.

Only 8% of people chose wealth.

If you want to find out more information about International Day of Happiness and the idea behind it, visit