New Funding 250 to 1k from Homotopia: Queer Art Always

Posted on 19 April 2020
By Khyle Deen
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As queer people, we’re likely to have experienced moments of crisis and uncertainty in our own identity and the way people treat us. As artists, we’re used to coming up with creative solutions to challenges.

Let’s find a positive, arts-based response to this time of crisis and uncertainty… that doesn’t have to mention COVID-19!

Homotopia is encouraging LGBTQIA artists to celebrate Queer Art Always. During this trying time let’s demonstrate the power of art to connect and unite us all.

We are offering seed commissions, ranging from £250 to £1,000 each for Queer Artists

We are looking for positive and imaginative ways for our audience to engage via non-traditional platforms, suitable for the current climate. We are especially interested in art that will reach across spatial divides, making those who are isolated feel connected as well as entertained. This might be audio recording, video, a visual response, an interactive digital response or something we haven’t even thought of yet!

This isn’t about responding to COVID-19 per se, rather it is demonstrating the power of art to inspire, connect and bring hope during a trying time.

First deadline: Wednesday 8 April

Second deadline: Wednesday 22 April

This fund is open to artists from across England, with at least 50% of commissions reserved for artists from the North-West of England. for full info and application form.