New evil art shop open in Liverpool

Posted on 28 July 2014
By Lewis Calvert
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Evil Shop Liverpool is an independent art shop dedicated to pop culture but, with a sinister twist.

Ben Youdan, the artist who runs the store and has been painting for fifteen years, is keen to show off is unique brand of “confrontational punk queer art”.

He currently has a big piece on display at the Museum of Liverpool’s April Ashley Exhibit.

Youdan focuses on the dark side of social figure and incorporates everything from religion, serial killers, pop icons to politicians in his pieces.

His range of subjects boasts the great and the good but in a more evil and twisted way.

One piece of work he has shows a rather grim portrayal of Jesus Christ whilst another, a more raw and colourful piece, is dedicated to pop icon David Bowie.

Nobody is off limits, as he shows Queen Elizabeth fang-toothed with bloodied eyes.

The shop sells everything from original clothing to original prints. It even offers original sin.

It is certainly not a shop for the faint-hearted, but for those with a dark attitude and crave originality it could be heaven. Or hell, which ever you prefer.

Youdan has built up quite the cult following selling his unique pieces and he now takes commissions.

For more information pop into Evil Shop Liverpool at Grand Central on Renshaw Street.