Ne-Yo gets Acting Lessons on Set of Battle: Los Angeles

Posted on 9 March 2011
By Matt Barden
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Ne-Yo maybe new to the acting scene but the So Sick singer picked up more than a few tips from his co-stars on the set of Battle: Los Angeles, which hits UK cinemas this Friday.

The singer turned actor plays a soldier in the alien invasion blockbuster alongside Aaron Eckhart. The Batman star gave Ne-Yo a crash course in method acting, which almost led to blows.

Eckhart plays a tough as nails marine commander and did not let the mask drop after the cameras stopped rolling, much to the bemusement of the R’n’B hit maker.

“I didn’t understand the concept of staying in character the whole time. We almost got in a little tussle just behind me not understanding that he’s still in character…it was lunch and I go, ‘Hey, Aaron.’ And he goes ‘Leave me alone.”

Despite the misunderstanding Ne-Yo added that, “He’s a fantastic actor. I learned a lot from watching him.”

Probably best not to pick a fight with Two-Face anyway.

Battle: Los Angeles is released on Friday 11th March