Mylo urges Creamfields crowd to fly Scottish flags at festival

Posted on 28 August 2009
By Purple Revolver
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Dance hero Mylo has hit out at flags being banned at Reading and Leeds festivals this weekend – urging the Creamfields crowd to fly the Scottish flag with pride for his comeback show.

Music lovers have been outraged following the ban this week after they were labelled an obstruction for audiences. The Isle of Skye producer said that sight lines have always been a problem at festivals and called on fans to make a stand.

Creamfields headliner Mylo is working with Purple Revolver to release hundreds of St Andrew’s flags during his mainstage set on Saturday.

Mylo, real name Myles McInnes, will be using the ‘flag-mobbing’ stunt as crowd control as his live set has been reduced to a DJ slot to make way for Tiesto.

He’s worried the dance fans may turn on him and hopes the St Andrew’s flags will distract the 80,000-strong crowd.

The Drop The Pressure star urged any Scots travelling to Creamfields to get involved. He said: “The flag ban at Reading and Leeds struck me as completely bizarre.

“How can they ban them for being dangerous?

“If their point is people can’t see, that’s always a problem. Most short people can’t see the stage any way. Maybe they should just ban the pygmies.”

“We want people to fly the St Andrew’s flag during my set.

“Any Scots who see them being handed out should fly them with pride. Lets make a stand at Creamfields.

“I’m also worried I might get lynched at Creamfields.

“My performance has been billed as live but my set has been stripped back to a solo.

“So it’ll be me and my electronics and visuals, not live – due to restrictions.

“I’m basically having to make way for Tiesto.

“Maybe the Scottish flags will distract the crowd!

“I’ve never been organised enough to take a flag along to a festival. But when Purple Revolver break them out, everyone should get involved for Scotland.”