Movies on wheels: Are drive-in cinemas the new way to see a movie?

Posted on 20 August 2020
By Millie Lockhart
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Drive-in cinemas may become the typical way to see a movie in post-lockdown life, as popular cinema chains are unable to open due to strict safety measures.

Boris Johnson announced that cinemas could open on the 4th July, however inside cinemas have struggled to strike a balance between getting bums in seats, and maintaining social distancing guidelines.

Karen Anderson, Co-owner of Woodside Cinema Drive-In, Wirral said: ‘I think people who are uncomfortable or hesitant to go to closed cinemas, can come to our drive-in.

‘With the cinema being a drive-it is already the perfect solution, you aren’t mixing with people, its nice for people who have shielding to see a movie.’ Oxford Economics reported that, the creative industries are the among the most affected by the current Covid-19 crisis.

The report forecasted a 74 billion turnover loss for the creative industries over the course of 2020.

However, drive in cinemas have struggled to gain a foothold in the UK, in 2018 when Woodside drive-in cinema opened, it was only one of three of its kind.

Drive in-cinemas have always screamed ‘American’, but its not British weather that has stopped them becoming more common, but the lack of profit. Mrs Anderson explained that ‘Once you have paid licence fees, its never really been a successful area unless you can fill a drive-in cinema every night’. As lockdown restrictions are lifted, drive-in cinemas are the perfect place to meet up with friends from different households, by buying car spaces = alongside one another whilst upholding social distancing.

Families can relax from the comfort of their own cars, bring their own snacks, and watch a movie without interacting with anyone else, with all tickets bought before arrival ensuring no cash is exchanged.

As a result, Covid-19 may be a beneficial factor to help drive-in cinemas take off as we emerge into a post-lockdown lifestyle.