Money Issue 3 ~ Ãœber zine hits the streets

Posted on 17 October 2010
By Oliver Logan
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The latest issue of Über has burst forth from the printing house and is already winging its way to an indie establishment near you. Check the Shipping Forecast for its most likely new home.

We scored a John Lennon exclusive to celebrate the Beatle legend’s 70th birthday. The new issue features two of our favourite Lennon stories from his first published work, In His Own Write.

Bill Murray also takes pride of place in the new issue with a feature that includes input from Dinosaur Pile Up, Lauren Pritchard and Efterklang who are all big fans of the cult comedy star.

Howard Marks chats to Über from his secret hidey hole in the Welsh valleys.

We interviewed the former drug baron who talked of how he befriend The Notorious B.I.G while he was in prison over in America. Marks also talks about his friendship with party animal Rhys Ifans who plays him in the new Mr Nice flick out now.

Purple Revolver is writing the future, predicting new trends in style, music and fashion. If you are a creative individual, a writer or photographer, and want to be part of this revolution, find a copy of Über and join us.

See a few pages from the new issue here: