Monarchy send their first single into orbit

Posted on 21 June 2010
By Martin Higgins
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Rising Aussie stars Monarchy have played the first ever gig transmitted into outer space, playing a futuristic set which included new single Love Get Out of my Way at Orlando’s Science Centre’s Planetarium.

Singer Ra Black and synth player Andrew Armstrong launched their self-titled debut album into the cosmos this week, for a PR stunt of intergalactic proportions.

Live performances are good for a space age spectacle with the lads often rising up from the floor at shows like astronauts ascending to the shuttle. Expect a strange, unearthly atmosphere live with the pyrotechnics going at full capacity and added lashings of dry ice.

The masked marvels have deliberately cultivated this otherworldly quality to create a certain mystique, and the lads revel in their alien stage identities.

Andrew explained, “When we launched Monarchy we had an image which obscured us a little bit and everybody went crazy, which was an interesting experiment, everyone assumed it was someone really big.”

“We tapped into that and multiplied it by 10, and ended up at this point. We want people to have an imagination and be inspired.”

Monarchy release their first single on July 26th.