Moby paid a visit by Acid fiend

Posted on 1 February 2011
By Oliver Logan
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Moby had a lucky escape this morning after encountering a drugged up intruder in his house near Griffith Park in California.

Fortunately, this trespasser was not the deranged kind of schizoid hell bent on spilling celebrity blood. Mike Abram springs to mind in one comparable event, the man broke into George Harrison’s Oxfordshire home in 1999 and callously knifed the former Beatle in the chest.

The interloper in this case, named Robbie, was chock full of LSD at the time and had been attracted to the lights of the Moby household while wondering on the road outside.

Moby said of the disquieting incident: “I woke up at 7AM, came downstairs and there was a complete stranger standing in my living room.”

Robbie and Moby had a short conversation and he asked him to leave. Robbie shook his head in agreement but then sat down on the couch and said “I might still be on acid.”

Moby eventually convinced the dishevelled Robbie to vacate the premises. He said: “I gave him a sweatshirt (it’s chilly up in the hills) and some money for breakfast and sent him on his way.”

The DJ extraordinaire counted his blessings after the strange meeting, mulling over the catastrophic potential of such an uneasy encounter.

He said: “I guess he and I are both lucky. He’s lucky that I didn’t have guns and that I didn’t call the police. I’m lucky that he wasn’t a violent crazy person and that he didn’t stab me in my sleep.”

But some good has come out of the whole affair, Moby has learnt the errors of his ways and has decided to start locking his doors before bed. “Well, I don’t usually lock my doors. Or I didn’t. I mean, my neighbours these days are coyotes and frogs, and I just kind of assumed that a closed door was a good enough deterrent for a coyote or frog.”

“But I’ll guess I’ll err on the side of security and actually lock my doors at night from now on.” Good idea baldy.