Microsoft release Xbox One Invitation TV advert

Posted on 25 October 2013
By James McAllister
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Microsoft have released a new Xbox One trailer in preparation for the release next month.

Competitors Sony chose to play on nostalgia in their recent advert called ‘For The Players Since 1995’ which they claimed was solely for the gamers.

Microsoft have answered choosing to offer equal waiting to TV and games in their advert called ‘Xbox One: Invitation TV.

In the advert we see glimpses of Microsoft’s killer app Titanfall as well as Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard and also Zachary Quinto as Spock.

The advert as a whole sells the experience of the Xbox One instead of it’s individual features like Kinect or HDMI In/Out.

The advert also does well to include a diverse range of game genres from Fifa 14 to Forza and Dead Rising.

Microsoft have taken some of the focus off TV following a backlash from fans in the weeks after the Xbox Reveal Event.

The geography of the Xbox’s release could also impact the trailer, as all consumers outside the US will not be able to take advantage of the Microsoft TV services for some time.

It is good to see Microsoft have learnt from previous mistakes made at the Xbox One reveal. In recent months Microsoft have managed to transform the Xbox One from the butt of internet jokes to a console that has become a real contender.