MCM Comic Con Liverpool 2017 returns to the Exhibition Centre with even more to give

Posted on 11 March 2017
By Ellie Gregory
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Today is a day of superheroes and villains, protagonists and antagonists, artists and merchandisers, costumiers and Cosplayers.

MCM, the UK’s biggest multi-genre convention, will be returning to Liverpool for an exclusive two-day event for visitors, exhibitors and fans alike to flaunt their passion for modern pop culture.

People from across the nation will flee to Liverpool’s Exhibition Centre today and tomorrow to participate in this renowned event of modern pop culture, with even more coming than last year’s 23,000 attendees.

The weekend will have everything imaginable from films, TV programmes, anime, merchandise, you name it!

Visitors will also have the chance to shop in the Comic Village, invest into the Dealer Stalls, cheer at the MCM Main Stage events, compete at the Cosplay Masquerade, unleash their geek at The Steampunk Emporium, or if this is not quite enough, be glorified and rule at the seat of a king— the Game of Thrones Iron Throne.

Cosplay will be the order of the day – with a Cosplay Masquerade on both days. Heroes For Sale caught up with local Cosplayers to gauge their excitement for MCM Comic Con this weekend. You can watch this in our video box here.

Not only will the event hold a variety of appearances from television actors to film stars, MCM have welcomed the crafty and talented to exhibit their creations and businesses.

Featuring both today and tomorrow, Louise Brealey, who starred in the hit BBC drama Sherlock as Molly Hooper, as well as the REAL Flash Gordon himself (a.k.a Sam Jones), will be signing autographs, taking photographs and talking with the public.

To finish off the day, visitors can purchase a 5 minute car ride for £299 with the original BFF’s Starsky and Hutch, leaving them nostalgic and sentimental.

For more information, head over to where ticket prices and exhibition stands can be found too.

What times can we see the stars…


11am – Attack on Titan
11.30am – Chris Barrie
12pm – Starsky & Hutch
1pm – Vic Mignogna
2pm – Peter Davison
2.30pm – Andrew Lee Potts
3pm – Louise Brealey
3.30pm – Class
4pm – Cosplay Masquerade


11am – Andrew Lee Potts
11.30am – Louise Brealey
12pm – Starsky & Hutch
1.30pm – Vic Mignogna
2pm – Sam J. Jones
3pm – Chris Barrie
3.30pm – Attack on Titan
4pm – Cosplay Masquerade