Matt Smith – dandy fashion icon: “Kids are going into Tesco wearing bow ties”

Posted on 24 September 2012
By Jo Ching
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Matt Smith a.k.a. The Doctor, is steering The Timelord into the future of fashion, taking dandy influences coupled with traditional British style elements.

The costume designers are responsible for bringing dandy features back into the character’s wardrobe, but Matt insists he’s no mannequin and influences the Doctor’s fashion sense.

Matt said: “The way he dresses now is my idea. I love it when I see little kids going into Tesco wearing a bow tie.”

On going to the Doctor Who convention in L.A and being surrounded by super-geeks and lookalikes, Matt said it made him feel like a superstar.

Matt said: “Playing the Doctor is the closest I’ll ever get to being a rock star. I couldn’t believe the following the show has. It’s humbling.”

This Christmas fans can expect a starring cameo from Richard E.Grant who plays a villain when they travel back to Victorian times for a special episode.

Doctor Who may be a time traveller but Matt is keeping it old school when it comes to the Internet and steering clear of becoming a social network whore. On Twitter, he said: “I joined for a day but it’s not my cup of team. Who cares what Matt Smith is up to?”