Marvel heroes rumoured to be leaving comic book shelves

Posted on 11 March 2014
By Ashleigh Panther
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Comic fans are venting their fury at rumours that Marvel will be shelving paper copies for good in order to focus all their efforts on digital only releases.

Despite having a 10 per cent incline in comic sales last year, Marvel believes that it’s future lies in the digital world and hopes to move all aspects of the Marvel company online.

Good e-reader editor Michael Kozlowski says: “Marvel chiefs hope to incorporate Marvel Unlimited, Marvel AR, Marvel Events and its new comic store into a singular experience.

“They realise that digital is their future.”

Rumours are circulating that Marvel have been hiring developers and designers to upgrade their comic app and with Marvel HQ refusing to comment further, it is only adding more fuel to the fire.

Recent upgrades to Marvel’s online comics offering, show that they are in fact focusing on their online audience, by adding a soundtrack to downloadable comics.

A five comic storyline of Captain America will contain a soundtrack, composed by Emmy award winning David Ari Leon, which changes as you move through the panels of the comic in order to add atmosphere and mood.

The readers will also have full control of the music playing, which is in the background and as the reader moves to a new panel, a new melody of music will stem through.

The reader will be able to move forwards and backwards through the panels at will, as they would be able to anyway, but this time they will be able to control the pace of the music that stems in and out, making it more interactive.

The idea to move Marvel to digital only copies is still only a rumour, there is no set date or confirmation as to whether these comics will definitely be taken off the shelves.

But with Marvel focusing on developing their online content, it’s hard to believe that there is no smoke without fire.