Mark Ronson ready to stalk Stevie Wonder

Posted on 4 November 2010
By Norman Parker
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Mark Ronson has become something of a stalker in his bid to recruit the ultimate list of artists to collaborate with.

The mercurial producer is riding high at the minute following the success of his new project The Bussiness intl with tunes like The Bike Song and Bang Bang taking over the charts.

Mark is not one to shirk the limelight and has put his neck out in the past working with the likes of Boy George, Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen to great acclaim.

Now the platinum blonde, who dyed his hair to represent the amount of record sales he wanted to achieve, has only one target left.

Mark says: “I haven’t got closer to Stevie Wonder. I act like a stalker but I don’t get anywhere. I might have to up my game.”