Mark Ronson – my die hard passion for the New York Knicks

Posted on 23 January 2013
By Pierce King
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Music hero Mark Ronson was born in West London, but confirmed he is a die hard New York Knicks’ fan during their recent trip to the UK.

The super producer was bitten by the basketball bug after he moved to New York at the age of eight, although he admits he was never any danger on court.

Mark is in good company when it comes to supporting the blue, orange and black clad Knicks with Spike Lee and Jay Z (before he moved the New Jersey Nets to Brooklyn) often spotted courtside at Madison Square Garden.

The Bike Song star, 37, elaborated about why he finds the game so addictive and how the culture surrounding the sport makes it better than following a Premiership football side.

He said: “I was never very good at basketball. I moved over to the States when I was eight-years-old and never played it like the rest of the kids do from a young age.

“But I got into the mix in the early 90s when the New York Knicks had this really amazing team.’

“New York has one great team. It’s not like football in London where you have several teams and peoples loyalty is split and separated- across town.

‘So when the team does well or is doing well you can really feel it around the city, the
atmosphere is different.”

He added: ‘There has always been something about hip-hop and basketball. The two are intertwined really closely.

‘I got seriously die hard with the Knicks. I got a season ticket for the them. New Yorkers like to be neurotic and that’s why we like the heartache of never winning.

‘Like Woody Allen is always nervous and worrying, that’s what New Yorkers are like.’

Mark saw his beloved Knicks beat the Detroit Pistons in the NBA London Live at O2 Arena and took to the decks for a special celebration afterwards.