Marc Almond – Addicted to Excess: An exhibition celebrating life and art

Posted on 12 July 2017
By Khyle Deen
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Marc Almond’s 60th birthday celebration remarkably coincides with the 50th year anniversary of the legalisation of homosexuality in the UK.

This exhibition fuses imagery, artefacts, photographs and paintings from a trailblazing career, depicting a unique artist unafraid to venture into uncharted creative arenas.

Displayed publicly for the first time are photographic prints by Peter Ashworth of Soft Cell and Marc and the Mambas, a specially commissioned portrait by artist Mark Wardel and a unique series of collages created by Marc Almond. These works will be shown alongside photography by Mike Owen, Scott Ewalt, Aaron Cobbett and Andrew Caitlin, paintings by Pierre and Gilles and Matthew Stradling and video work by Jamie Mcleod.

This is the fourth exhibition in the series ‘Homospectives’ exploring work of LGBTQ artists to mark the anniversaries of the groundbreaking Wolfenden Report (1957) and Sexual Offences Act (1967).

Curated by DuoVision – Martin Green and James Lawler

The Gallery
41 Stanhope St
Liverpool L8 5RE