Manifest your dream life using the Power of thoughts.

Posted on 18 August 2019
By Khyle Deen
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Geniene Azalea, is a self taught Law of Attraction coach. She claims to have been able to make things happen through the power of positive thoughts, and has been using these techniques to manifest experiences and things throughout her life.

Geniene explained:

“Years ago, I always knew how to direct my thoughts for a positive outcome, i would get lost in daydreams about the things I wanted to have happen in my life, and for the most part, they came true! I always got the jobs I wanted, I bought property just before the housing boom, have travelled extensively, taking lengthy sabbaticals to far flung shores on numerous occasions. I’ve always just been in the right place at the right time, for opportunities and people to present themselves to me. My Dad used to say, you’ll fall in muck and come up smelling of roses, and he’s right, I will. Because I believe it!”

The Law of Attraction has been made famous recently by books and films like The Secret and the rise of Positive Psychology and Self improvement modalities such as Reiki and Meditation, that have been brought over to our culture from the East. The natural law states that like energy attracts like energy, and that we humans, are transmitters and receivers of energy.

All of this is not actually new at all, but ancient wisdom that has been forgotten.

Most of us have something that we are discontented with in some way, the Law of Attraction can help to achieve the goals we have and to avoid the things we don’t want! If you want to have a greater sense of freedom and to spend your time doing what you love, the Law of Attraction could be for you.

Geniene Azalea has Courses, Workshops and Seminars in Liverpool and has coached hundreds of people on the natural law.

Geniene is launching her first ever Law of Attraction lunch, at Dash restaurant and bar on Saturday the 7th September from 12.30pm

You can view all the upcoming events at