Liverpool’s Top 7 Yoga Centres

Posted on 2 November 2016
By Gabi Cumming
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In true yogi style, we have matched the concept of the seven chakras of the body to giving you Liverpool’s seven best spots to test out your yoga skills.

Yoga, meditation and mindfulness have become an everyday conversation topic. With more and more popularity over the past couple of years, the industry continues to grow with each and every Ujjayi breath.

Although yoga is seen to be pretty cool right now, the practice of yoga is reported to go back about 5000 years. Yoga is said to have multiple benefits, improving the mind, body and soul.

Yoga is not discriminative; the practice of yoga is accessible to men and women regardless of age and physical ability. It is said that yoga can be revitalising, restorative and rejuvenating. The series of poses can apparently prevent and combat sports injuries, including back, neck and shoulder pain.

The practice can encourage weight loss, fitness and stamina whilst improving mental focus. The breathing techniques and nature of the exercise is suggested to prevent the development of depression, insomnia, anxiety and stress.

So, it’s no surprise that yoga studios are popping up all over the city and we don’t want you to miss out on the hype. We’ve narrowed down the lists to give you an insight in to the top studios you should be visiting to fight some of those autumn blues.

In no particular order…

1. White Wolf Kitchen, 14 Cook Street, L2 9QU

The White Wolf Kitchen is not just a yoga studio – it is a vegan kitchen, yoga shop, teacher training yoga studio. The studio is open six days out of seven, giving Louise and her team of experienced teachers a chance to regenerate on Sundays.

The clean-looking interior with it’s nature-inspired décor provides a tranquil space for the yogis of Liverpool to learn and practice .

The calming atmosphere continues down to a fluffy blanketed, cool grey, vegan haven where you can buy locally produced, handmade brownies and a fresh cup of White Wolf’s very own blend of Fairtrade coffee.

They have a full menu of sandwiches, soups and other hot dishes so you can go straight from your asanas to an artisan baguette, filled with seiten steak and vegan mustard mayo. Yum.

2. Yoga Hub Liverpool, 21 Old Hall Street, L3 9BS

With an array of experienced hot yoga teachers, an in-house councillor and hypnotherapist, as well as a super-healthy juice bar, Yoga Hub aim to give their visitors a well-rounded, wellbeing experience.

Yoga Hub Liverpool gives visitors a chance to practice a variety of levels in their hot yoga sessions, claiming: “We pride ourselves on offering the best hot yoga experience in the city and friendliest welcome.”

The welcoming staff at the studio encourage men and women of all ages and abilities to their first-floor studio to try out their range of classes. Throughout the day, 6 days per week, Yoga Hub teachers take visitors, through a dimmed lighting, incense infused, sweaty journey to a healthier, happier body.

Following most sessions, visitors exit through the studio doors to a complimentary bowl of cold towels, ice cold water and slices of fresh fruit.

3. Liverpool Yoga Studios, Focus Building, Great Crosshall Street, L3 2AP

Liverpool Yoga Studios boast a wide and popular range of yoga sessions and fitness classes. They claim that they provide: “A yoga and fitness centre for the whole family, where all ages and abilities work together to achieve optimum health.”

They certainly follow through with their mantra as Estelle Cartlidge, creator, and her team of experts offer a diverse selection of yoga inspired sessions including hot yoga and, in particular, a new hot yoga system namely Fierce Grace.

Uniquely, Liverpool Yoga Studios provide classes for children, Yoga Bears, introducing the practice of yoga to youngsters across the city.

4. Your Yoga Studio, 63 Wood Street, L1 4AL



“We believe in yoga. We believe in our yoga. We believe in your yoga.” – the mantra of Your Yoga Studio.

This studio, based on Wood Street in Liverpool city centre, specialises in hot yoga, offering at least two classes every day of the week. The studio is bright, white and airy, providing a blank canvas on which to release your yoga creativity.

Your Yoga Studio includes a Secret Spa aspect to the experience where you can go and have your stretched out muscles further relaxed through massage and holistic therapies.

Alternatively, you can chat to the company about their Stretch in the City project with Moody Me photography; photographers Karyn and Tara have a portfolio of photographs showcasing teachers and their asanas in iconic areas of Liverpool.

5. Planet Yoga, 435 Smithdown Road, L15 3JL

Ideally situated for students on Smithdown Road, the prices stay low at Planet Yoga. The father and son establishment provide hot yoga classes to the masses of young adults around the Smithdown area but welcome visitors from all walks of life.

The studios offer Sivananda, Kundalini, Ashtanga types of yoga as well as Shamanic healing. Planet Yoga run one-off workshops which include lessons surrounding the sub-sectors of yoga inclusive of philosophy and diet.

6. Happiness Hot Yoga, 2 Church Road, L15 9EG

Just off Allerton Road, at the Penny Lane junction, you can find a centre for hot yoga and relaxation, namely Happiness Hot Yoga Studio.

The company have a second studio based in Speke as well as the white, bright and modern studio on Church Road. The modern décor and natural lighting provide a great space for yogis and beginners alike.

7. Movema, The Courtyard, Cains Brewery Village, Stanhope Street, L8 5XJ

Movema is a world dance company which offers a selection of yoga sessions as well as dance classes which allow visitors to have a shot at some of the world’s best dance techniques.

Movema’s yoga classes are specified to the needs of the guests – whether you are a beginner, you’re suffering from a recent sports injury or need a bit of rejuvenation, they seem to have a class for you.

Classes include: Yoga YES I CAN and Yoga for Cyclists and Runners as well as healthy back yoga to aid those aches.