Liverpool’s Open Eye Gallery welcomes Red Eye’s One Photograph event

Posted on 7 June 2015
By Khyle Deen
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Photographs, we all take them, we all look at them with fond memories of their subjects.

They’re a special part of reflection on moments we’re nostalgic for or things we love in life.

If you have a certain photograph that you love.

It could be an image by a photographer you like or admire, a photograph you’ve studied, a picture you’ve taken, or something from an archive that means something to you.

If you have anything that you’d like to talk about for one minute.

Red Eye are giving you the opportunity to discuss your feelings towards photographs for one minute in an event known as One Photograph.

To get involved in the event, Red Eye request that you meet the following criteria:

Register at

After you’ve registered, please let them know what image you will be showing. email by 9:00 on 26 June 2015 with the following details:

1) Your name

2) The full credit for the image (ie creator’s name plus image title if relevant, or any other accreditation required)

3) then EITHER

A) include a link to the image online – needs to be at least 900 pixels in the longer dimension, ideally larger;

OR B) attach a JPEG image at least 1400 pixels wide or 1050 high, with confirmation that you are the copyright holder, or that you have the copyright holder’s permission to display the image at a public event;

OR C) confirm in the email that you will bring a print (at least A4 in size) with you on the evening, and have the copyright holder’s permission to show it in public.
If you change your mind about the photo you want to show, just let them know the same way before the deadline.

Inclusion and usage of photos

Please note they will not be able to include an image if the above details are not supplied. They cannot guarantee to show any image, and may exclude an image on grounds of quality or legality. No payment will be made for showing images (if an image is in the public domain (ie on the internet) they are able to display it for purposes of criticism and review without payment).