Liverpool Music Week present Darwin Deez

Posted on 6 March 2010
By Gill Nightingale
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Darwin Deez, one of hottest tips on everyone’s lips for 2010, and in Liverpool straight outta NYC on Friday May, 7, at The Masque.

By now you would probably have heard his (long since sold out) debut single Constellations, complete with handclaps and his opening crib of Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star.

But, come April 12, when his debut, self-titled album drops, there will be many, many more songs to treasure, from the brightly scrubbed anthem in waiting ‘Radar Detector’, to the barbed riposte ‘Bad Day’ to the plaintive, lovelorn croon of ‘The Bomb Song’, all of which he wrote and recorded entirely on his own, in his apartment, on one mike on his PC.

Deez’s live shows, extravaganzas of unbridled energy and unfettered joy, each and every one of them, with him being known to break into spontaneous bouts of synchronised dancing mid-song (an extension of which can be seen in his widely circulated viral Youtube video, ‘The Spring Dance’.

Darwin Deez is a true original. He talks about his songs being “a little bit “Thriller”, a bit Dismemberment Plan”.

He gets as excited about new bands like Everything Everything as he does about the new John Mayer album (although he confesses that it was “not really for me”). And he laughs off any spurious vocal comparisons to Julian Casablancas, saying “I love the Strokes, and I get the similarity, but he draaaaaaaaaws his words out”.

He is a singularly brilliant, hilarious, complex, entertaining individual, and writes songs that will make you want to bust out your dancing shoes while also touching that raw, emotional nerve in your body.

LMW Presents
Darwin Deez @ Masque Theatre
Friday 7th May
Tickets on sale now £6.00+BF

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