Liverpool-based author announces release of children’s book titled Street Dogs

Posted on 31 August 2022
By Khyle Deen
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Liverpool-based author is celebrating the release of ‘Street Dogs’, a children’s book set against the backdrop of a sleepy Middle Eastern town.

Lisa Worth, who has lived in the city for eight years, penned the story of sweet, scruffy street dog Rafiq and his friends during lockdown after she visited the UAE and became unable to return home due to flight bans.

She described the process as “an act of defiance” during the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, when her freelance creative work dried up.
Lisa said: “It was a really difficult time. I decided that as I could still continue to write that’s what I would do.”

Lisa, who has had a long association with the UAE and previously toured there as a singer, was inspired by the dogs which would accompany her on her regular walks around a nearby mosque, each with their own individual characters.

She said: “It was a cathartic process and something that couldn’t be taken away from me. I used the world of dogs to explore issues that adults face every day in order to present them to children.”

The children’s book also features illustrations by Mandy Lalley, from Crosby. Mandy said: “Lisa had been visiting UAE but unfortunately got stuck over there due to the flight bans back to the UK during the pandemic. Whilst there she wrote a story about a little dog Rafiq and his adventures with his pack, after seeing the street dogs living outside her apartment.

“When I had read Lisa’s book I thought it was beautiful. I love the ‘underdog’ and I had just adopted my own street dog, Vicky.

“The illustrations came at a time when things had slowed down for me too. Lisa and I had previously met through theatre shows in Liverpool which had all stopped because of COVID. As we became friends she noticed my character drawings of dogs.

“I really wanted to stay true to Lisa’s work and wanted to convey a timeless feel, so I decided to do the illustrations in watercolour. I’ve loved illustrating ‘Street Dogs’. I could paint dogs all day and was so pleased Lisa asked!”

“It took six months to complete all the images and I’m so happy with how it all turned out. It’s a beautiful book and getting lots of attention worldwide!”

‘Street Dogs’ is being published by Kingsley Publishers and is available for pre-order. Its release will be marked with a private launch event at Coffee and Fandisha in Liverpool on Friday, 2nd September.