Liverpool author Luca Veste talks ahead of Killer Crime in Liverpool One

Posted on 11 March 2015
By Chris High
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They say that Friday 13th is unlucky, but if you are a fan of top-notch crime fiction you couldn’t be more fortunate because Waterstones in Liverpool One are hosting a Killer Crime event from 6:30 pm. Featuring Liverpool author Luca Veste, Paul Finch, Anthony Schumacher and Blue Murder creator Cath Staincliffe, the event is sure to be a fascinating insight into the murky world of murder and mayhem.

“HarperCollins have teamed up with Waterstones stores around the country, to showcase the best of British crime writing,” Luca explained. “I was asked to be a part of one of their live events in Liverpool and jumped at the chance. Not only is the Waterstones in Liverpool One a favourite bookshop of mine, but it gives me a chance to catch up with friends and fellow crime writers Paul Finch and Anthony Schumacher, whilst also meeting ace writer Cath Staincliffe for the first time. Hopefully we’ll put on an interesting and fun show for the audience of readers.”

It is a pretty fine array of North West talent. What is it about Crime fiction as a genre – and these authors in particularly – that makes it and them so popular? “I think the crime genre connects with readers fears in a way not seen in other genres. It’s the eternal “what if… ?” question that I know speaks to me as a reader, which crime fiction caters for. The authors appearing at this event all work in different ways, so whereas Paul Finch writes unflinching serial killer thrillers, Cath Staincliffe’s novels utilise a more cerebral creeping dread about them. Tony Schumacher poses one of those ultimate “what if… ” questions when he imagines what would happen if Germany had been victorious in the Second World War. We all use crime fiction in different ways, hopefully tapping into the fears of readers and allowing them to experience them vicariously.”

On top of being top-selling novelist, Luca also has a young family and is currently undergoing a Criminology & Psychology degree at University of Liverpool and, also, manages to find time to keep up a busy website. How? “I don’t sleep an awful lot,” Luca laughed. “I have two daughters, who are both in school, so that gives me a bit more time these days. I also have a very understanding wife, who “gets” what I do, supporting me in taking time away from usual household chores to finish books or study. Thankfully, I should be graduating this year, so that’ll free up a bit more time.”

Luca’s second novel, The Dying Place, was published in December, 2014. How has the novel been received and is the “marketing” aspect through events such as this something you look forward to doing? “It seems to be well received, if a little dividing. That was something I expected, as it’s a little more political than the first novel Dead Gone. From the reviews I’ve read, most seem positive and I’ve heard from many readers on social media who enjoyed it. I do look forward to doing events like this because I’ll be discussing something I love: books and writing. The Dying Place has been out for a number of months now, so the marketing aspect is arguably over, but I’d do events like these any time of year because I really enjoy them.”

“We live in a changing world, where e-books are increasing in sales year on year. With that, comes a different environment for readers to connect with writers. I think there’s an issue with the majority of readers who still read print being left without events such as these, if we all concentrate on online content, so I’m really glad there are places like Waterstones in Liverpool One still putting on many events like this. I think readers – and I speak as one myself – enjoy that aspect of hearing from a writer directly, so I hope to see these types of events continuing.”

Killer Crime Takes Place from 6:30 on Friday March 13th at Waterstones in Liverpool One. For Tickets: 0151 709 9820