Liverpool Arts Society presents Date Night at EBGBs this Friday night

Posted on 14 February 2018
By Khyle Deen
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Liverpool Arts Society are hosting a date night, speed dating, and so much more. It’s all happening at EBGBs this Friday, so pop down, play some games, meet some cool new people and maybe find some love?

Full details below:

Are you looking for a good night out this valentines weekend? Are you fed up of the meaningless chat on Tinder? Do you keep seeing photo after photo of Jenny from school out on dates whilst you sit alone thinking “Jenny? But she used to eat tin foil and keep moths as pets!” Well, your luck is about to change!

The Liverpool Arts Society bring us another event in their usual fashion,
with wacky characters, bouncing music and secrets up their sleeves.

This immersive event is like no other they have done before, their past events took us to a particular place or time, ‘Prohibit’ to a 1920’s Speakeasy, ‘Homecoming’ to a 1950’s Homecoming prom, but this event is timeless, what they’re trying to create is A space in which emotions are heightened and love is on the mind.

Through the use of interactive performers they hope to play Cupid and match make their audience. ‘Date Night’ will offer many opportunities for the singletons of Liverpool to get to know each other away from the screens of their phones, iPad’s or laptops, this event is real in every way. Friday 16th February, EBGBS, get involved.

Tickets are available via this link;

Live music, interactive performers, team games, twister, beer pong, speed dating, salsa classes and so many more surprises! You don’t want to miss this one!