Live review: Mother Mother @ The Haigh Building

Posted on 22 May 2010
By Danny Keightley & Danny Piercy
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Vancouver virtuosos Mother Mother have recently flown into the UK for the first time, and those few of you lucky enough to witness their live set at the offensively under populated Haigh Building would see the flickers of promise that the indie five piece are demonstrating right now.

Their youtube hit Hayloft has been drilling its way into our heads; the complex harmonies work a treat live.

Vocalist/guitarist Ryan Guldemond along with sister; Molly and the incredibly quirky Jasmin Parker bounce around the stage with gusto — it’s a shame, since their witty lyrics, toe tapping riffs, and cutesy hooks translate so well over here but yet they essentially remain a lesser known support slot for the angsty & mediocre Daisy Dares You.

Opening with the first track from their new record, ‘O My Heart’, it almost feels that this is the perfect way to see the Canadians. There’s no shoving, elbowing or awkward flailing — it’s the equivalent atmosphere to a stripped down acoustic set but it’s not the kind of welcome to Liverpool as Mother Mother really deserve.

They switch gears and tempos throughout the playful half hour; Ryan addresses the crowd only twice — a polite introduction, and a murmured line about how the UK enjoys things ‘to the point’, it’s an awkward translation of personality for anyone who hasn’t experienced their outgoing and offbeat character offstage.

Whilst playing, however, the frontman is a true entertainer. Often appearing demented, and frequently pulling faces towards the crowd whilst Polly and Jasmin prance and kick their legs about, with beaming smiles.

Liverpool’s Sound City was the fourth and final show that Mother Mother played in the UK; and hopefully it’s not the last time we’ll see them.

Photographs by Danny Piercy