List of 10 great things to do in 2016

Posted on 3 January 2016
By Caroline-Alexandria Moore
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It’s a brand new year, 2016 is here, this is a cool list of things to do this year!

1. Cosplay!

It is official, 2016 will be the year of the geek. With so many marvel, DC and sci-fi films, conventions and the acceptance that being a geek is now cool, this year is the perfect time to cosplay.

You can get costumes relatively cheap, by either making it yourself or getting pieces commissioned by the likes of sfx students like

Cosplay can just be a bit of fun or you can go hardcore and truly show off your stuff as your favourite character at loads of conventions and competitions around the country and even the world!

UK comic conventions can be found at:

2. Dump all of your crappy clothes

It’s 2016, for the love of God, bin those awful baggy jeans with the gold stitching on the bum pockets. They’ll never look good, even if by some terrible coincidence they come back in fashion. Let’s face it, unless you’re Rihanna, you’re not pulling them off.

You can eBay your items or even pop into Cash for Clothes drop off shops and use the money towards clothes that you’ll actually wear! If not you can always do good and donate to your local charity shop.

3. Accept Bieber in your life

He’s like that cheeky McDonalds double cheeseburger you eat on the way home and tell no one about. You’re utterly ashamed to admit it but Bieber is killing it these days and he’s only going to get better!

If the shame ever gets too much to remember how much you loved it when Orlando Bloom punched him….Ah sweet relief.

You can buy Justin’s new album Purpose via iTunes:

4. Get into sports!

2016 is a great year for sport with both the Euros 2016 and the Summer Olympics and many more. You’ve got the whole of summer covered with the Euros running from June 10th to July 10th and The Olympics August 5th till August 21st.

For more information on the Euros, like the best way to watch please visit:

5. Tinder

If you haven’t already, you simply must. Yes you may not meet your prince or princess but the thrill of trawling through people and silently judging them is immense. It sounds horrible and you may think you’re above that but honestly just try it.

If nothing else the amount of matches you get is a lovely ego boost to start the year!

You can download Tinder from the Play store for Android:

You can grab it on the Apple App Store:

6. Get yourself an Odeon premier card

Because you’ll need it! There are so many amazing films coming out in 2016, including Suicide Squad, Deadpool, Zoolander 2, Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them and literally so many more.

With an Odeon premiere card you earn 10 points for every £1 you spend which when you’ve earned enough can be spent on more tickets, sweets, drinks etc, you’d be silly not to.

You can sign up for your card at the cinema or online at:

7. Do something crazy

Be that I don’t mean stalk your ex boyfriend then post selfies of you with them in the background pretending you’re still together. I mean do something you never thought you’d do. From as bigas packing a bag and travelling to wearing something that totally isn’t you.

The freedom of doingsomething crazy makes you realise that anything is possible. What a nice thought to have in thenew year!

8. No more Facebook games!

Seriously no one cares anymore. The only game anyone plays on Facebook is Candy Crush and that tends to be middle aged women who are sat at home waiting for their husbands who they don’t love anymore.

Please go outside and get a life in 2016.

9. Brave new hair

Stop being scared of doing something new with your hair. The best thing about hair is that ittends to grow back! You want to brave a perm or a pixie cut? Then go for it!

Shave it all off, dyeit blue, do whatever you can imagine. Let 2016 be the year you stand out from the crowd.

10. Either commit or fully accept that your healthy New Year resolutions aren’t going to happen.

Every year we plan to lose 4 stone or go the gym five times a week or even stop drinking forever. Normally by January 12th all this has gone out the window already.

However in public, we act like we still do all this when in fact you just took LOADS of selfies the first and only timeyou went the gym and dish them out over the month, when you’re really sat on the couch watching Gogglebox, drinking wine and eating an entire multi pack of Monster Munch.

This year why don’t you either do it, like really do and make the change or accept that these lofty dreams are just that, dreams, and instead aim to eat only one packet of crisps per day.