LightNight Liverpool 2018: Top events to see at this year’s festival on Friday

Posted on 15 May 2018
By Khyle Deen
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LightNight Liverpool, the city’s one-night arts festival, is back this Friday, 18 May 2018.

For 2018 the festival theme is Transformation. Understood as a significant change in both people and place, transformation is happening all around us; visible and invisible, turbulent and political, personal and emotional.

New venues open especially for LightNight include RIBA North, World Museum, Sensor City, Hinterlands and Unity Theatre since its own redevelopment. New corners and spaces in the city that have been part of its transformation, like Cains Brewery Village in the Baltic Triangle, show a city evolving.

Here are our Top 3 event to see this year.

Pale Fire at Red Brick Vintage

Described as: A journey to the junction where sound meets light, and the old world meets the new.

For one night only, Red Brick Vintage is transformed into a playground of sonoluminescent delight, with live music acts playing host to a visual symphony of artefacts from bygone ages. A living experiment in ambience. Late bar.

Ever Changing at Zap Graffiti

This is an incredible chance to witness a team of graffiti artists transform a street with new artwork during the course of the evening.

A hub for the city’s street artists and admirers, Zap Graffiti is an ever-changing space where folks from all over come to paint on a daily basis, with monthly exhibitions, workshops, materials shop and much more.

The Art of Technology at Sensor City

This event is an opportunity to take a look inside a global innovation hub.

With 3D printers, virtual reality headsets and drones on display, Sensor City opens for the first time on LightNight to showcase the latest technological innovations.

Curious minds are invited to take part in sensor-based games, technology demos, film, hands-on activities and to enjoy a drink on the panoramic roof terrace.

Head over to for full details on all events happening at LightNight Liverpool 2018.