LCD Soundsystem front man juices up for new album

Posted on 26 May 2010
By Martin Higgins
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LCD Soundsystem mastermind James Murphy has explained why he looks bulkier than usual after completing his latest album, This is Happening.

Murphy has revealed that he had to resort to steroids to give his vocal chords the helping hand they needed to hit the high notes for the opening track, Dance Yrself Clean.

The producer said, “It was the last song I finished, I lost my voice trying to do it.” “It’s the highest register I have sung in.”

Murphy is obviously dedicated to his craft and willing to challenge his voice box to its limit in pursuit of excellence.

So when his voice began to waver and break down, performance enhancing drugs were the only option. “I had to sing it with a voice that was completely burnt out, but then I took lots of steroids! It’s cheating. I’m cheating!” he said, tongue firmly in cheek.