Lady Gaga to auction off Poker Face necklace

Posted on 16 June 2010
By Martin Higgins
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Lady Gaga is auctioning off the silver triangular trio necklace that she wore in the Poker Face video for charity.

But the Telephone singer is nothing if not unpredictable and she has turned this public sale on its head turning it into a reverse auction, which means the winner will be the lowest bidder not the highest.

The auction for the necklace designed by Brian Lichtenberg is to be placed on, a website co-founded by Jessica Simpson’s former hubby Nick Lachey.

The bidding frenzy will begin on June 15th and ends June 24th and all proceeds will go to Lady Gaga’s charity of choice, The Lupus Foundation.

To participate, users must pay one dollar each time a bid for the lowest, unique amount is placed. At the close of the auction, the user who holds the bid closest to zero and is the only person to hold that exact bid will be deemed the winner.