Lady Gaga – Alejandro: Video of the day

Posted on 9 June 2010
By Alabama Roxanne
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Usually we can’t help but trip over ourselves to salute Lady Gaga’s latest fruit-brained, hair raising video experiment.

An artist with a careful helm over the portrayal of her own sexuality, with a niche for shocking, outlandish and often gothic sartorial experimentations – let’s face it, she’s the Dr. Frankenstein to her own monster – there’s no doubting that latest effort Alejandro is stunning to look at, but it’s nothing new.

Covering a predictable and frankly indulgent array of characterisation, themes and storyline including gothic fairy tales – Snow White is heavily referenced in the opening few minutes of the piece – homo-erotica, sadomasochism, regality, cross dressing, Christianity and Nazi germany, the video is disappointing to say the least.

Watching it is kind of like being taken out on the same incredible date with the same incredible suitor over and over again – yeah, they’re bloody incredible but it’s the same bloody restaurant, same meal, same bar, same drinks order, same, same, same, same.

On the upside of things though, we do deeply approve of Gaga’s militia bra – equipped with rat-a-tat machine guns affixed to each cup. Yes and yes, Gaga. Yes and yes.

And the song? Oy. It’s not one of her better ones. While we realise that her schtick is camp and trashy – total, shameless, guilt pleasured Euro-pop – this is still a poor, lifeless, used johnny of a tune which we can’t imagine busting a groove or two out to in our finest drunken, dancefloor hours.

Plus, is it just us, or have we seen all of those dance moves before? The bunny swivel. The lasso. The heart pumper. The Egyptian bird flap. Blah, blah, blah.

Come on Gaga – step it up.