Kiera Knightley blasts Hollywood stars for washing their dirty laundry in public

Posted on 12 May 2012
By Jo Ching
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Keira Knightley has blasted her fellow Hollywood stars for talking about their private lives.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star said: “I hate knowing too much when I’m going to the cinema and watching as a viewer.”

She added: “I don’t want to know that the actor has just gone through a divorce. I don’t don’t want to know that the person is an alcoholic. It just gets in the way of my pleasure of watching the character.”

The Chanel model prefers an air of mystery surrounding actors’ private lives and added: “Everybody knows absolutely everything, so I wonder whether it suddenly changes what we see.

“I think it does change something, and not for the better. I like watching films when I don’t know anything about the people.”