KidRobot releases Miny Munny Marvel Range

Posted on 4 March 2014
By Ashleigh Panther
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KidRobot will be releasing another series of Marvel Mini Munnys in March as a part of their Munny World range which invites you to create your own vinyl figure.

As with all the others in this range, these will be DIY figures containing the figure itself and accessories in order for you to create your own superhero or villain.

The biggest line in the series will contain 4″ figures including Captain America, Wolverine, War Machine and Spiderman, all of which will be $9.99 each.

Going slightly smaller, there will also be Micro Munnys which come in 8 blank colours within the themes of your favourite super heroes and villains.

These will also contain accessories and decals, giving you full creative control and these figures will be $7.99 each.

The smallest collection stands at 1″ and you will have the choice of ten designs, including The Thing, Hulk and Silver Surfer and will only cost $3.99 each.

Other figures you can find the range include Transformers and a Marvel super combo power pack which contains four mini munnys, 3 micro munnys, 14 sticker sheets and 12 accessories.

As well as themed figures, you can also choose from a range of others including blind box multi colour munnys and different variations of Kidrobot figures such as Foomi or Trikky.

If you would like to get your hands on one of the new Marvel figures, expect them to hit shelves in mid March.